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Thrive in the moment to prevent future Health disasters

Do something today, that your future self will thank you for

Food for Thought and Thoughts about Food around the Christmas time

Bodalicious is wishing all a Merry Chirstmas and a Healthy start of a new decade

Bodalicious Seasonal Blog Summer

The Summer Solstice has gone past

Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables at the in the Southern Hemisphere

Why would you use Seasonal fruit and vegetables over Global produce?

The versatility of Solidago canadensis

My adventures

Bodalicious Seasonal Blog – Spring

Spring; watching Mother Nature slowly reawaken, time to play out and about

Is the Food industry confusing you

Don’t let food confuse you,

How our thoughts influence our vibrational energy

Your thoughts do influence your energy levels

Bodalicious Seasonal Blog

Frustrated and angry, try kicking some colorful leaves around in the forest this Autumn

Think you got “weeds” growing in your garden? Think again……….!

Think twice before spraying so called “weeds”, you might be missing out on some of the amazing benefits these ‘weeds’ have to offer!

Who do you think is reponsibile for your Health and Wellbeing?

Do you take responsibility, control and charge over your own health and well being?

Can a Healer be a Gardener?

Ever wondered if a healer can be a gardener? In my latest blog I discuss if Eastern Philosophy supports this idea.


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