Bodalicious Seasonal Blog – Spring

by Jolanda KoedoodSeptember 7, 2018

“Slowly reawakening our senses and realigning with Nature,

The energetics are upward and forward in motion,

growth and excitation”

While the dark, longer and colder nights are slowly making way for allowance of more light, our bodies slowly seem to awaken to the presenting energies around

Isn’t life beautiful and amazing, especially around the change of the seasons! This always gets me excited,

To see, the sun rising earlier, and the days slowly  lengthen,  providing us with  more time to play in the gardens and go for long walks around the lakeside

, connecting with Nature and feeling the sun’s energy invigorating our spirits and heighten the senses

What excites me most about Springtime in the gardens, is that the crops from Winter are still providing us with daily fruits and vegetables of whom we gratefully enjoy the benefits.

Another delight to watch, is the fact that so many herbs seem to have survived the turn of the seasons and actually regenerate themselves by popping up everywhere.

Hence the need to attend to this happy delight with a daily passion and vigilance. The Jasmine is fully in flower, the Orange trees already blossoming, these are the first signs of the turning seasons in our gardens. A slight headiness can be noticed when the sun shines,  the perfumes combine,  permeating a heavy smell of flowering delight in the environment

What all this tells me:  that it is time to reawaken and renew by cleansing and honouring our bodies that keep us happy and in good health throughout this journey in our lives. I get this urge to clean up no longer needed stuff, clogging up the much-needed space by dropping it off at second-hand places after I have given my friends a chance to look through it all. I am totally supporting the recycling industry!

Besides looking after our environment, I also use Spring to recharge and renew all of my cells within my body, by doing a month cleanse on predominantly fresh organic fruit and vegetables. and by avoiding all the junk that is nowadays sold to us as “food”.

Happy Nature moment: eating red berries straight from the bush

So whatever you are doing, make sure to stand still and smell the fragrant flowers that are rearing their beautiful heads, and take some time to nourish your body,  which is the only vehicle that keeps you alive on this planet.

So look after it!