Bodalicious Seasonal Blog

by Jolanda KoedoodApril 13, 2018

“Stand still and watch the leaves turn the Earth into a carpet of color, Let go and don’t be afraid to “Fall”

As the midday sun begins to sink lower in the sky and nights get noticeably longer and cooler, it can only mean the reign of Summer has come to an end for the Southern hemisphere.
Definitely my favorite part of the year. The hot Summer days make a place for the cooler breeze of air, the leaves on the trees are exchanging their colors, before falling to the earth.

We also begin to harvest and gather the brightly colored foods that grow at this time of the year like Pumpkin and Squashes, Avocado’s and Pomegranates so they can be put away for the Winter.

It is the time of the year that we go from the carefree attitudes of Summer to the more serious and introspective energies associated with Autumn

In Chinese Medicine, Autumn is associated with metal and lungs.

This season governs organisation, setting limits, and protecting boundaries. In Autumn we move from the external, expansive nature of Summer to the internal contractive nature of Autumn.

It is a good idea to finish up any projects started up in Spring or Summer and enjoy the results of all your hard work. It is also a good time to start up new projects that focus on the internal – cultivating body and mind and becoming more introspective. The energy of the Lungs is “Letting go”, so Autumn is a good time to be mindful to let go of anything we may be holding on to so we can make room for new experiences that will help us to learn and grow.

It is by far the best time out in the forest or bush, we can see the tree’s change, the leaves become colorful and are letting go, to put a carpet of color on the floor beneath the trees, kicking around leaves or even rolling around in leaves is a great way of letting go of anger and frustration and this is exactly what we should be focussing on this time of the year, make space for new experiences and letting go of stuff we no longer need to hold onto.