Food for Thought and Thoughts about Food around the Christmas time

by Jolanda KoedoodDecember 23, 2019

Another Christmas will be upon us shortly, and people are getting out of their ways to surround themselves with the most amazing foods available to us.

Living in Australia brings about the most amazing fresh produce at this time of the year. Fresh tropical fruit galore, amazing tasting vegetables, the not to be missed fish and seafood platters, funky looking hams and meat galore. Something to not take for granted and be extremely grateful for!

So much variety and choices to make, so much excess and availability, so what to choose? This is a very personal choice to make and depending on your dietary requirements, needs and likes there are plenty of options.

My personal opinion is not going out into excess since tons of food end up in the landfill, and it makes me cringe to know that 1/4 of this world is starving, while the rest of us are stuffing ourselves with excess amounts of food. So instead we are choosing the be mindful and share what we can share with the less fortunate people around us in the community

Focusing on simplicity with a creative touch is what I like doing best around this time of the year, rather than raking up credit card bills to pay off in the next decade.

An amazing drink to enjoy and that I discovered by just using up the fruit I had around is:

Peach-Coconut-Mint Sorbet:

Add 2 cups of Coconut water to a blender, add three peaches (skins removed) and a few leaves of mint and a handful of ice cubes. Allow to blend for 3 to 5 minutes and Enjoy

With this said I would like to forward my warmest wishes, wonderful blessings with much love and peace to all living Souls on this planet.

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy start of the new decade upon us:)