How our thoughts influence our vibrational energy

by Jolanda KoedoodMay 18, 2018

I am sure that by now you might have come across the message that our thoughts create the way we feel. So if our thoughts are influencing our vibrational level than you have an opportunity to change outcomes!

Everything is energy

Everything we hear, see, feel and smell is made up in different energy waves and energetic frequencies. Our brain is like a translator with the possibilities to interpret these different energy waves and energetic frequencies. Our brain interprets physical energies like everything we see around us  like an energy cluster, we think we see a tree but if we would break down the tree in the smallest particles, then the tree would be perceived as energy.

There are also non-physical energies; like our thoughts, these are just different vibrations. Every time you have a thought this will sent out a thought specific vibration. For example: If a thought makes you feel good, than this would be a positive thought; it vibrates on a higher frequency. If however a thought makes you feel bad, than this vibrates on a lower frequency.

So “I hate you” vibrates on  lower frequency than “I love you”

So, the more positive your thoughts are, the more positive the outcomes will be. This is the law of attraction. Like attracts like! As the vibration grows, you feel stronger, more stable and you put yourself in a position where you attract more of the same frequencies. The more attention you pay to a subject the easier it will become to think about it. You will see proof of this in your surrounding, since you will attract what you focus on.

What you focus on grows: Shift your attention

So if you focus on, let’s say the way you perceive your body and think that you don’t look good enough, or are to big, or to small than you are putting this judgement in place and you will never be able to love yourself the way you are or even attract others to you. If however you feel comfortable within yourself, no matter how big or small,  you will sent out a vibrational message to others that automatically makes you more attractive to them.

It’s how thought creates energy and it is the energy we create that we hold onto which creates our suffering or peace

So ask yourself the question: If you are feeling any negative feelings about your current situation right now. what are your thoughts if you feel that way, what is going on in your mind? Then take some time to analyse this. Don’t hold on to negative feelings. It is always the thoughts about what has happened that makes you feel that way.

There are always more sides to a story so please learn to accept, don’t judge and let go so you can move forward since the longer you hold on to a negative thought the longer you stand still!

You don’t manifest what you want, you manifest what you believe

Beliefs;  which are merely an interpretation that have been imprinted upon our subconscious mind throughout our lives by parents, education, friends, social media, the television etc…. and are being repeated over and over again in our minds and will have an impact on what you attract in life

So if you want a happy, healthy and wealthy life all you have to do is change your beliefs and thoughts and live in the here and now