Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables at the in the Southern Hemisphere

by Jolanda KoedoodSeptember 18, 2019

The Seasons are changing once more and we are finding ourselves back in awe with mother Nature, watching the flowers bloom all around us since Spring has arrived in the Southern hemisphere.

Living in Western Australia is such a delight at this time of the year since we are being spoiled with the beauty of all the ancient Wildflowers popping up along the road sites and in the forests, turning our landscape into the most amazing color patterns.

So why is it important to eat in harmony with the Seasons?

First of all I would like to stress that we need to look after our environment by reducing our carbon footprints; so it makes sense to me, that we should only buy what is locally grown and available to us, throughout the seasons. Eating fruits and vegetables that are not native or growing in this specific season, requires trucking, boating and flying to move products from one side of the planet to the next, leaving a huge trace of environmental pollution behind. Definitely something we can do without!

Another real eye-opener is visiting farmers markets, where local growers sell their produce. Often this food has not been sprayed with nasty chemicals and been fed poisonous fertilizers. It’s a great outing on the weekends to talk to the people you buy from and find out where and how they grow their food. It cultivates community, sustainability, it gets you involved and hopefully inspired enough to maybe even grow more of your own food.

Flavor is another really big thing when it comes down to buying local and seasonal. The wholesome tastes and nutrient density of the food we are eating are at their peak performance, you can smell and taste the food so much better, which also tells you a lot more about their nutrition level as well. I prefer to eat an apple that has been grown locally above an imported apple, simply because of the smell and taste and their freshness.

Not to mention the costs of imported foods, there always will be an added price tag for this, since all the chains in the link, to get the food to our shores would need to make a profit as well.

Eating in harmony with the seasons is connecting us more deeply with the Earth and therefore enhances our gratitude for the foods we consume

So this Spring, make a point of feeding your body the nutrition it needs, choose locally grown and in-season produce and happily reduce your carbon footprint. Mother Earth will be forever grateful.

Pictures taken in Western Australia Spring 2018