Thrive in the moment to prevent future Health disasters

by Jolanda KoedoodMay 26, 2021

“Its all about prevention”

Winter 2021 is at our doorstep, and with that it’s time we take into consideration the preventative matters at hand when it comes down to protecting ourselves from the Cold induced imbalances we are encountering at this time of the year

I so far have been spending more time than ever outdoors in the sun and nature, simply because I believe that outdoor air is far more refreshing and replenishing than indoor air, and besides viruses have and will always be around, it’s how we deal and live with them on a whole that matters.

Good health and looking after yourself is a matter of being more preventative than responsive, which means looking after our general health on a day by day base.

There are many ways to prevent viruses taking a stronghold upon our bodies:

Food: eating a healthy and predominantly natural diet will keep our bodies supported and functioning adequately. Adding to the fact that cooking our own meals with love and attention and being mindful while eating it, will add to the uptake and conversion of this food for our bodies to be utilized as proper fuel, and therefore able to keep us on the go. Try and avoid to eat for comfort and out of boredom, since this will add to packing on pounds of unwanted toxic waste and fat.

When you adhere to the rule of eating for hunger and not for appetite, than you most likely won’t pack on unwanted excess weight and with this more challenge for your organs to cope.

Also eating when stressed, exhausted, angry and upset will have a detrimental impact on your Gut microbiome, so skip eating until your nerves have calmed down and you are in a happy and relaxed state of mind to be able to enjoy and digest your food.


I recommend moving our bodies about 80% during daytime, walking, going places, fitness, gardening or any way shape or form we like to be active. The more sedentary we live the earlier our bodies start arching up!

There are great video’s on YouTube and Social Media platforms, offering workouts as short as 15 minutes a day, all for free and to be used at your convenience. Keep the family interacting by exercising together and setting up a home competition to keep each other motivated during times of lockdowns.

Finding answers in Nature:

Help restore and replenish our shortness’s in health. I like to incorporate as many Herbs, roots and Nature into my Tonic soups we eat throughout the winter months. There are great Herbs to help restore our already overburdened stress responses, Adaptogenic, nourishing and restoring herbs, are all great to help our bodies cope through times of stress and need of comfort. I make up packs with tonifying Herbs for my clients which they can turn into their own Tonifying Soups over the winter months to come

“In Nature we won’t find Wi-fi but we will find better Connections

So get out and about and enjoy a camp over with friends in the forest, great time of the year in Western Australia to enjoy the outdoors and recharge your bodies batteries.

Herbal Tea’s:

I prefer to make the most beautiful palatable herbal tea’s that provide you with comfort, warmth, stress release and support.

Besides the fact that Herbal tea’s do all this, they also add fluids to our bodies, something I notice most people don’t take enough of. Drinking enough fluids in the form of water and herbal tea’s provide our bodies with a proper cleansing capacity to flush out toxins and build up of waste materials.

My go to recipe for the Winter months is brewing a large pot of Lemon, Ginger and Cinnamon Tea and topping this up when ready to serve with some amazing natural and raw Honey. I call it Nature’s Winter Comfort in a cup. It tastes amazing, it feels warming, and comforting during the colder Winter nights and is supporting your immune system.


Getting enough sleep and the depth of our sleep determines how we will function during the daytime . Sleep is our restoration and rejuvenation system and needs to be cherished if we want to live a healthy and happy life. Going to bed between 9and 10pm will help your body restore properly. Once our sleep is getting disturbed and undermined, our stress levels go up and with that our immune responses go down. This is not what we want to provoke during a pandemic, we need all our health and well being to get through this unharmed!


I like to emphasize that being mindful and functioning in the here and now is most likely a practice we all need to do far more of. Look every day at your life and pay respect and gratefulness to what you have achieved that day! It is to easy at the moment to get distracted by gazillions of shows on television put on by mainstream media to keep us entertained and on our butts (two things that are totally counter productive to maintaining your health and happiness!!) Staying in the moment keeps us sane and alert, so if you do find yourself miserable, make sure to first check up on what you are spending time on in between your ears. It s our thoughts that creates the emotions which creates the feeling as a result of those thoughts.

Creativity: Stay creative, let your own mind do the work, just to give you more satisfaction of personal achievement by the end of the day. We need our minds to function and engage with our surroundings to stay sharp and active. I for instance invited Nature indoors by building a life size tree inside the house for my cats, this took almost 9 months to finish but added so much positive atmosphere into the living space and made us all a lot happier. So be creative, follow your heart and follow your dreams.