Who do you think is reponsibile for your Health and Wellbeing?

by Jolanda KoedoodApril 5, 2018

Do you take responsibility for your own Health and Wellbeing?

Or do you expect a friend, family member or even doctor to make you feel better?

In my Clinic we share the responsibility for your treatments. It all starts with you!

I am there to guide you back to yourself and let you regain total responsibility for your own Health, Happiness, and Wellbeing

The more we distance ourselves from Nature, the more we seem to distance ourselves from perfect harmony and balance in life!

We are seemingly getting more and more absorbed into all the electronic gadgets we are so readily provided within the 21st Century, and these distractions,  “that is what I call them”, are getting in the way of everything else that is out there! We are locked up inside, we only have attention for staying in touch with friends and family via means of Social media and the like. But what about the good old gatherings, diners, etc with friends and family, walks out in nature or on the beach………….?

I believe that it is an illusion to think that happiness is created by owning the latest mobile phone out on the market, or the amount of people liking you on Social media.

  True happiness can only be found within ourselves. By getting to know ourselves, by listening to that inner voice (also called your Higher Self) and responding accordingly to this.

The only true way to Happiness, Health and Wellbeing is by taking full responsibility for your own actions!

When we give our responsibilities for our own lives away, we are allowing the external environment to control us!

So, don’t blame anyone or anything for your situation or problems in life. If you find yourself doing this then you are saying you are powerless over your own life, which is totally absurd.

 An empowering step to reclaiming your life back, is by taking responsibility for your own life!