Ancient Herbal Medicine wisdom still available in the 21st Century

Did you know that the Samarians, a now dead civilization, left written records of their medicinal uses of some herbs on clay tablets which date approximately 6000 years ago?

The Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Druids, Medicine men/women or Aborigines produced their medicines for greater ease of use.

Looking at the timeline, which is circular; constant evolving, returning and improving, and not linear, as we are made to believe, we can see that the first recordings in herbology took place around the first and second centuries before Christ.

Every culture on Earth, through written or oral tradition, has relied on the vast variety of natural healing plants for their medicinal and life-giving properties.

Today approximately 40% of the pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs available, originally come from herbal sources.

I view Herbs as my Food and Medicine

They are part of my daily intake to prevent any imbalances from happening. As I believe that attention towards prevention of imbalance or dis-ease is necessary to live a balanced, happy and healthy life

Ways I ingest my herbs are by adding it to my daily food intake, in the form of spices or drinking my Herbal Tea’s

My aim with Herbal Medicine is to care for people as a whole

Rather preventing than curing, supporting all underlying systems, treating the root course of the presenting complaints or illness, providing education and information and teaching my clients how to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

Educating my clients on the use of herbs as part of their daily food intake also makes them realize that however we live a fact paced life, where everything is about instant gratification, herbs can still play an important role in the prevention of did-ease, if we are made aware about it.