The Home Herbalist and Backyard Apothecary

In July 2021 I will be providing the wonderful study of Herbs for anyone with a keen interest in learning how to grow, manufacture and use Herbs within your day to day living.

This course is designed to give you the most practical, hands on learning experience possible with Herbs, and it is this actual hands on approach that will give you in depth knowledge about the use of Herbs

The course will be provided over 2 months; 4 days in July 2021 and 4 days in October 2021 in which there will be an opportunity to attend to a total of 8 days where you will be experiencing hands on practical preparations, getting to know your Herbs and for what reasons they are commonly used. I will be working with the body systems and organs most prevalent to cause the most most common ailments and explain how to incorporate Herbs for certain ailments and also which Herbs to incorporate in your day to day living to actually help prevent certain ailments from arising in the first place.

Lesson 1 The Nervous System

Stress is the precursor for all arising disease. Since pain is being monitored “felt” in the cerebrum (part of the Nervous System), the intensity of pain is also related to our emotional state, stress level and memory of pain in the past. In treating Nervous system disorders, one has the opportunity to see “Holistic Medicine” in action. Not only does one treat the physical body when working with this system but the psychological and spiritual realms as well; we are therefore able to witness the interaction between body, mind and spirit.

Lesson 2 Herbal First AID for the Skin

Pretty much during each Season change within Western Australia there are a myriad of skin problems arising. Spring is the season when the life forces awaken again and with this the pollen are prevalent in our air we breathe, Summer is awakening the insect world and with these insect bites, hives and dermatitis. This lesson will also provide you with a Cleansing through Herbs, Diet and Fasting protocol and the use of an Infrared Sauna experience.

Lesson 3 The Liver

The largest and most metabolically diversified organ, the Liver, performs more functions than any other single organ of the body. Since the Liver serves as the Master Detoxifier, it is responsible in part for the condition of the blood and for the health of the entire human system. By building and strengthening the Liver, one improves the quality of the bloodstream which is the source of physical nourishment for our internal environment and thereby creates a radiant and vital ecological system.

The blood that runs through our bodies is much like the rivers and streams that nourish the Earth. Those rivers running clean and untamed from the mountain sparkle with life. They feed and nourish the Earth that they pass through. Rivers that run through cities become sluggish and thick with chemicals, toxins and environmental wastes. The waters that once were life giving turn to poison much in the same way that a human system becomes loaded down with toxins.

In this lesson you will learn to identify the Herbs that will support liver function and cleanse the liver and general guidelines for a healthy liver function will be discussed.

Lesson 4 The Respiratory System

Our Respiratory system concerns the Breath of Life. It enables us to breathe in radiant life force to recharge us every minute. Unfortunately, to the demise of our respiratory system, there is not much pure air around these days. There is no simple answer to clean air and healthy lungs. One would need to consider Gaia, our Mother Earth. We shall explore general guidelines for maintaining a healthy respiratory system and the best available Herbs to help us maintain our Lung health

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